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Anthony Bourdain

Food & Travel

Bourdain was a master of his crafts - a gifted chef and storyteller who used his books and shows to explore culture, cuisine and the human condition. Whether he was shining a light on somewhere new or making us look at the familiar through a different lens, his stories turned us into curious eaters and curious people. Whether he was eating at a fine diner or on the street, he implored us to eat, explore and think courageously. To use food as a way to better understand others and ourselves.

“Eat at the local restaurant tonight. Get the cream sauce. Have a pint at 4 o’clock in a mostly empty bar. Go somewhere you’ve never been. Listen to someone you think may have nothing in common with you. Order the steak rare. Eat an oyster. Have a negroni. Have two. Be open to a world where you may not understand or agree with the person next you, but have a drink with them anyways. Eat slowly. Tip your server. Check in on your friends. Check in on yourself. Enjoy the ride.”