At Savor our art form is the curation of human experiences.

We are here today because we have been deliberating over the question Maya Angelou asked:

"Is making a living the same thing as making a life?"

We have become consumed with the pursuit of accolade and obsessed with external validation. We buy more and more homes but have never been more homeless. To make matters worse, society has become polarized into the haves and the have nots. This inequality is not just economic, but is also one of power, privilege and access.

How we spend our time and whom we spend it with are the most precious things we have. It is now clearer to us than ever before, people matter more than things, and experiences matter more than anything. Just as music is the sound between the notes rather than the notes itself, it is the how we live that matters most. Just like the subway system democratises access to the city; we democratise access to a fuller life.

Our mission is to help people savor life.