Food is part of a bigger story.

Stories of people, places and coincidences. Stories that carry along the anticipation and hope of a first date, or stories that flow as naturally as a conversation with a childhood friend.

At Savor Secret Supper we look for those that enjoy surprise and wonder in their food as much as they do in their lives. You may share a table with a new entrepreneur intoxicated with a billion-dollar idea, an underground artist who moves with the wind or just someone on a quest to find themselves. You never know whom you’ll meet, but you can be sure that these encounters will enchant you and remain with you for a lifetime.

Savor Secret Supper creates these stories, and makes sure that no story repeats itself.

See you at the dining table.




Savor Zoe Cafe

As Cafe Zoe shut its doors, we decided to take matters in our own hands and do our version of the Cafe Zoe Favorites over the years

What – Wine paired Sit Down Dinner
When – 17th October 2019
Where – Cafe Zoe, Lower Parel
Price – 3,900/- (all-inclusive)



Chicago, IL 60606 123, New Lenox
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