Caught up in the mechanical grind, we forget that there’s more to life than the tick of the clock and the accumulation of things.

The Secret Supper Project would like to introduce you to Savor and its three highly curated offerings – Savor Lunch, a lunch subscription service; Savor Secret Supper, our original supper club; and Savor Experiences, an events company.

At Savor we believe people matter more than things, timelessness matters more than time, and most of all, experiences matter more than anything.

Welcome to our time, where life isn’t just lived; it is savored.


What would you do with an extra hour every day?

Savor Lunch adds something to your day that was long lost - or maybe never existed.  Step out of the office, without actually stepping away.  Unplug your thoughts and let your imagination take you places.  Strike up a conversation with a colleague, the love of your life or maybe even a stranger.

Savor Lunch is surprise, efficiency and celebration all wrapped in a box (or four).  We hope to get you excited about lunchtime by taking you on a culinary journey around the world.  And since monotony doesn’t feature on our menu, we make sure that no dish revisits your table all month.

Don’t just eat lunch; savor lunchtime.

Secret Supper

Food is part of a bigger story.

Stories of people, places and coincidences.  Stories that carry along the anticipation and hope of a first date, or stories that flow as naturally as a conversation with a childhood friend.

At Savor Secret Supper we look for those that enjoy surprise and wonder in their food as much as they do in their lives.  You may share a table with a new entrepreneur intoxicated with a billion-dollar idea, an underground artist who moves with the wind or just someone on a quest to find themselves.  You never know whom you’ll meet, but you can be sure that these encounters will enchant you and remain with you for a lifetime.

Savor Secret Supper creates these stories, and makes sure that no story repeats itself.

See you at the dining table.


We believe each story is unique and so should be its celebrations.  At Savor we don’t just create events, we craft experiences that will last a lifetime.

Savor Experiences is a blank slate, tabula rasa, waiting for your story.  We curate memorable occasions that revolve around you, with no baggage of our own.

We know you don’t fit into forms and excel sheets, so have a conversation with us.

We want to hear your story.